Trip by rental car through the Garajonay National Park to Agulo and Hermigua

The rental car tour starting in Valle Gran Rey, crosses the National Park Garajonay, passing by the Visitors Centre leading to the beautiful villages Agulo and Hermigua on the northern coast of La Gomera.

Following the main road through the upper valley of Valle Gran Rey, this rental car tour passes by the traditional districts and green terrace fields.

Beautiful views over the valley of Valle Gran Rey

The viewing point at the Ermita San Antonio and the Mirador del Palmarejo (Mirador Cesar Manrique) offer beautiful views back in the valley. After driving through two tunnels you will arrive in the village Arure, which is already on 850 meters altitude.

Las Hayas with lots of palm trees

Shortly after the bar El Jape take the branch to the right which leads in serpentines to Las Hayas. Driving over a scenic plateau you will get to the village Las Hayas with countless palm trees.

After Las Hayas you continue straight ahead and at the branch Cruce de Las Hayas take a right in direction of Laguna Grande.

Passing by Laguna Grande through the National Park Garajonay

Directly in front of the resting area Laguna Grande in a curve there is the branch that leads to Agulo / Las Rosas. Narrow is the road, which allows you, even from the rental car, a good insight into the vegetation of the National Park.

Some narrow curves are to pass on the way to the Mirador de Vallehermoso on the left side of the road. A stop here is recommendable because the wide view over the forest is stunning.

On this road one should drive cautiously, as there might be busses approaching from the other direction, sometimes unexpectedly after a blind bend.

Stop with the rental car at the Visitors centre

Following the road, it goes to the Visitors Centre of the National Park – Juego de Bolas. It is worth to make a stop here, because the visitor centre offers interesting information about the nature, history and culture of La Gomera. Many typical plants are represented in the Botanical Garden.

Who likes to walk can take a short hike from here to the Mirador de Abrante, a well-known viewing point with panoramic views. Over a paved road you can also get there by car.

Then it goes by car from the Visitors Centre downhill through the village of Las Rosas and finally right onto the main road to Agulo.

The beautiful village Agulo

Behind a short tunnel the view opens to the pretty village of Agulo, which is considered the pearl of La Gomera. In front of a red cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean across to Tenerife, Agulo is located on a rock plateau above the sea.

Small streets, traditional mansions and the San Marcos church are the highlights of the place.

Discover Hermigua by Rental car

Just a few more kilometers are to drive by rental car, along the coastal road, to the neighboring Hermigua. Also Hermigua impresses with beautiful buildings, a church and many banana fields. Green is the landscape, lush the vegetation. Typical bars and restaurants offer tasty coffees and local specialties. Those looking for refreshment can jump into the sea at Playa de la Caleta, a beautiful beach a little bit outside of Hermigua.

After that, the way leads on in many wide and narrow bends back into the National Park. At the crossroad Cruce de El Rejo it goes sharp right onto a smaller road, which leads you, offering beautiful views over the striking rock El Rejo and the viewpoint El Bailadero, to the next crossroad Cruce de La Zarcita.

Great panoramic views during the rental car tour

Here it goes to the right onto the main road back to the West, offering great views over the Cumbre de Tajaque, passing by the Alto de Garajonay back to Laguna Grande. The road leads you to the crossroad Apartacaminos.

After turning left, you leave the forest and get into the mountain village Arure and from there, down to Valle Gran Rey.

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