By car to the wild north of La Gomera

Rental Car tour from Valle Gran Rey through the wild north of La Gomera.

A trip by rental car from Valle Gran Rey to Vallehermoso is ideal to combine a short hike through a scenic landscape with a visit of the pretty village in the north of Gomera. In Vallehermoso you can take a refreshing swim at the Parque Maritimo or enjoy a snack in the bar which belongs to the swimming pool.

Beginning the tour in lower Valle Gran Rey first we pass the winding road up to the smaller districts of the upper valley, behind the district La Calera you will pass El Guro, Casa de la Seda, Los Granados and El Retamal.

Through the mountain village Arure

Passing the Ermita San Antonio and the pretty viewing point, the Mirador del Palmarejo with restaurant (currently closed), it goes through two tunnels up to the mountain village Arure. Follow the main road, do not part at the branch to Las Hayas.

In Arure a stop at the Mirador del Santo, which is signposted in the village, with a great view over Taguluche is recommended.

Mirador de Alojera

The main road leads us through the mountain village, past the water reservoir of Arure, past green fields and later through the western area of the Garajonay National Park. Just outside of Arure, on the left side, there is the Mirador de Alojera. On clear days from there the island of La Palma can be seen.

At the crossroad Apartacaminos turn left, direction to Epina and Vallehermoso. The road leads through the cloud forest and, after a few serpentines, finally to the sources Chorros de Epina.

Hike to Ermita Santa Clara

It is best to leave the rental car at the restaurant and start the hike to the chapel Ermita Santa Clara. First follow the main road for a few meters and eventually turn left direction to Epina. Here you can enjoy a beautiful view over the valley of Vallehermoso.

The easy trail to Chorros de Epina offers great views over the west of La Gomera and the wide sea.

Back at the rental car at the restaurant of Epina the tour goes further along the winding road, down to the green valley of Vallehermoso. Beautiful small villages like Macayo are situated on the right and left side of the road.

The magnificent valley of Vallehermoso

In Vallehermoso arrived, you can take a walk through the small alleys and streets in the town center with the church of San Juan de Bautista. Below the Plaza is the gas station of Vallehermoso.

At the plaza the typical bars and restaurants are a good point to observe the daily life of the small village. From the main square, a road leads towards the beach Playa de Vallehermoso with the Parque Maritimo swimming pools and the Castillo del Mar.

Pools Parque Maritimo

About three kilometers from the main square there is the gravel beach of Vallehermoso, where the Atlantic Ocean is quite rough. Therefore, the Parque Maritimo was built, a small water park with swimming pool, changing rooms, showers and a snack bar.

Relaxing at Castillo del Mar

Impressive is the rocky scenery, in which the Castillo del Mar inserts itself. The former loading station had been restored a few years ago and there was an attractive cafe, a restaurant and a cultural center, which was like a stage in the middle of the Atlantic. Unfortunately, the Castillo del Mar is currently closed.

For the journey by rental car back to Valle Gran Rey you should count about an hour.

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